Uni Boom Boom

We in Uni Boom Boom strive to present innovative sea urchin dishes using Australian Sea Urchin. We are known for our finest quality Uni and prompt service. Reservation is essential as we ready our dishes upon order to ensure freshness.

Uni Boom Boom is in a converted warehouse in a quiet pocket of Glen Waverley. Inside you’ll find sea urchin and edible bird’s nest, two of the top 10 most expensive ingredients in the world. 

The exterior of Uni Boom Boom can be deceptive. Customers walking past everyday thinking we’re just a normal warehouse until they heard music or chatter, walked in and realized it’s a private restaurant that specialize in Sea Urchin and edible bird’s nest. We wants to find the balance between keeping the metal, quirky character of the warehouse and making it comfortable.

The light-filled space has been fitted with informative posters of edible bird’s nest and sea urchin, acting as a experience cafe for crafting experimental sea urchin dishes. 

Uni Boom Boom specialized in sea urchin and edible bird’s nest, sourcing the ingredients from its mother companies, Pacific Sea Urchin and Sen Lin Tang (AUS) Pty Ltd. We loosely revolves around Japanese and Chinese cuisines. The menu is inspired to allow customers to enjoy Australian Sea Urchin and edible bird’s nest at a relatively affordable price.