Sichuan Spicy Mapo Tofu Sea Urchin Rice Bowl

This saucy silken tofu with sea urchin brings you a numbing, spicy, silky and umami fresh sensation. The new take on on a traditional sichuan cuisine, sea urchin broth has coated the tofu in a special sweetness. The silk creaminess of tofu complemented by the ocean flavor of sea urchin, numbing after a bite but the taste lingers long after you finish the bowl. This beautiful red bowl of goodness aims to warm your winter up. Soul good, soul satisfying!


Sichuan Spicy Mapo Tofu Sea Urchin Rice Bowl


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Mapo Tofu [麻婆豆腐] is one of the world famous dishes that is very popular and well know. The origin of mapo tofu can be traced to 1862 during the Qing Dynasty.The dish has the special combination of elements of Sichuan spiciness and Tasmania sea urchin roes umami flavours.The flavour is spicy, creamy, rich and full of fragrant. The after taste of sea urchin umami will elevate the experience of both ingredients.This charming dish is definitely a warm sea urchin dish that cannot be missed in this cold winter designed specially for spicy hunter. Each bowl is filled with missions and unforgettable taste experience.