Japanese Curry Wagyu Urchin Rice Bowl

From Pest to plate campaign 2 officially launch.
UniBoomBoom come out with the amazing sea urchin Wagyu curry rice served with amazing Japanese curry flavour prepared with 7 ingredients (garlic, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, ground chili peppers, carrot, potato) that’s so aromatic and tasteful. The main ingredient in the curry is the dehydrate sea urchin that blend well with the other ingredients.
Promotion starts 1-7-2021 till 9-7-2021 to purchase this amazing dish at ONLY $10 per bowl. Please come and support the “From Pest to Plate” 从海里的害虫到美味佳肴!
2.0推广活动-(希望更多人吃到海胆)正式开始🥳咖喱和牛海胆饭🥘$10 活动‼️‼️爆动海胆推出咖喱海胆和牛饭,纯正的日式咖喱配上7种食材,大蒜,姜黄,孜然,葫芦巴,辣椒粉,和咖喱必不可少的土豆和胡萝卜🥕。而这碗风味咖喱的秘密就是加入了冻干的海胆粉,与所有材料完美融合,咖喱的刺激过后还有海胆的鲜甜味道
限时特价$10 ‼️‼️



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Japanese Curry Wagyu Urchin Rice Bowl